Ready for Music Lessons

We all get ready for music lessons in different ways. At our music studio many students enjoy drawing on the chalk board to prepare for their lessons. Here is one of the latest masterpieces! Can you tell who it is? read more →

Student Spotlight

We want you to share why you love Blackburn Music! Every student at Blackburn has a different story and experiences and we would like to share yours on our blog.  You can take a video of a song you mastered, share pictures of you playing, write about why you decided to take lessons, write about.. read more →

The Life of a Musician

The Life of a Musician As a parent, you want to provide as many opportunities and learning experiences for your child as you possibly can. If you’ve enrolled your child in music lessons, or are thinking of doing so, you’ve made a great decision. Learning to play an instrument will enrich your child’s life in.. read more →

How to Choose a Violin

How to Choose a Violin The first challenge for beginning violin students is purchasing or renting an instrument. While it may be tempting to just choose the first violin you see, or go with the least expensive, these aren’t the best methods. Read on for some advice on choosing the best violin for your needs… read more →

What is the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons?

What is the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons? The piano is often the first musical instrument introduced to a child. Learning to play can be fun and exciting, as long as the child is mature enough to handle the lesson and material. How do you know when to start your child in piano lessons? While there’s no one.. read more →

Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up You’ve had it! Getting little Bobby to practice is a battle every night and there’s too much to battle over already; homework, vegetables getting in the shower….something has to give. So you’re going to quit piano. I hear this a lot. “We just don’t have time to practice, you’ll understand when you’re.. read more →

I Can’t Get My Kid To Practice!

How many kids have quit their music lessons because they “didn’t have time to practice”? These are kids who wanted to take lessons, who want to do well, but now there’s just too much to do! Between homework and sports and everything else who has the time to practice? How can I make it a.. read more →

Making Practice a Habit

Growing up parents try to instill us with good habits; brushing teeth, looking before we cross the street, eating the right things, and doing our homework. Practicing music is another habit that needs to be formed. There are two different habits that need to be learned with practicing. The first is sitting down to play.. read more →

Repetition in Practice

They say repetition is the mother of all learning and practice makes perfect, nowhere is this more true than in the study of music. Students practice scales, finger warm ups, and vocalises ad nauseum. We practice these simple things over and over so that they become second nature and when we play more complicated music.. read more →

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